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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers are taken from questions asked at Board meetings, of office and maintenance staff, and from other sources. If you have a question that you don’t see answered here please let us know so we can add it.

1. Isn’t the Independence Square Townhouses community just like an apartment complex?

No, it has many advantages. You have a say in how the cooperative is run by electing the Board of Directors and attending membership meetings.

2. Why aren’t anonymous complaints processed?

Our cooperative is run on democratic principles and there is a grievance procedure in place. To properly investigate a complaint, the Board must have written evidence to act on since complaints can end up in court. This process assists the Board in providing equal treatment for all involved.

3. When are furnace filters changed?

Furnace filters are changed twice per year. Any additional filters may be picked up at the office at no charge, or you may contact the office to place a work order.

4. Will maintenance replace my light bulbs?

Maintenance will replace light bulbs in porch lights free of charge. Light bulbs for the interior are chargeable.

5. Is our water free?

No. The water and sewer are furnished by the cooperative, and are included in the monthly carrying charge.

6. When must Holiday lights be taken down?

Lights can be installed 30 days before a holiday and must be removed within two weeks after the holiday.

7. How are after hours emergency calls processed?

When you call the office, you’ll have the option to be transferred to the on-call maintenance staff.

8. What are the lockout charges?

$25 during office hours and $50 after office hours and weekends.

9. Can I purchase a membership and let my family or friends live there?

You may have others live with you if you make the request through the office and follow proper procedure. However, Independence Square requires that the member(s) occupy the unit 100% of the time. If you purchase a membership, you must live in the townhouse.