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Board Policies – 1D



Water is provided to the membership for normal use. Summer water usage is limited to filling a wading pool not more than twelve (12) inches deep and watering grass, shrubs, and flowers. Wading pools can only be set up in a fenced back yard and cannot be left setting long enough to kill the grass. Running of a sprinkler for children to play in is prohibited. If water is allowed to run unattended or allowed to run into the street, the member will be charge $10.00 for excessive usage. Washing of motor vehicles on cooperative property is prohibited.


Plastic bags are to be used for all trash deposited in the provided dumpster receptacles. Any trash found outside the dumpster will be cleaned up by maintenance and the responsible member will be charged $15.00. Hazardous material shall not be placed in the dumpsters (i.e. tires, batteries, freon, paint, thinner, oil); members must arrange for and pay for legal disposal of such items. Trash is picked up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Cardboard containers and newspapers must be cut, bundled and tied flat. Newspapers must be stacked and tied. Items too large to be placed in the dumpsters (old furniture, wooden crates, mattresses, etc.) require special handling and the site managers office must be called for instructions and applicable fees. Trash dumpsters are the property of the trash service company. CAUTION: The dumpster areas are not for children to play in or around.