Independence Square Townhouses

   Safe, economical housing.


   That's what you'll find at Independence Square Townhouses, located at 1360 Baker Drive in Independence, Missouri in Jackson County.

    One-bedroom townhouses from $497 to $556 a month; two-bedroom units, $538 to $606 a month; three-bedrooms, $565 to $637 a month; and four-bedrooms, $603 to $675 a month.


   These monthly payments, called carrying charges, include trash and water services.


   This property is so affordable because it is a housing cooperative.


    As you use the links at the top of each page to navigate our website, we hope that you’ll find why so many people just like you have chosen to call Independence Square Townhouses their home.

   Townhouses are now available. To find out more, call the office at (816) 252-0444 or email the manager at

welcome to affordable living!

Emergency numbers:

Security (816) 868-4115 
Maintenance (816)  252-0444
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